5 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Cloud Solutions

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Cloud Solutions

Still haven’t taken the Cloud dive yet? Don’t worry. It’s not hard, but any company, big or small, needs to take the proper caution and conduct thorough research before investing their data and financial resources in the Cloud.

1) Picking the most popular service

It’s a common misconception that all Cloud servers offer the same product. Such conventional thinking can cause businesses constant headaches down the road. Each Cloud service offers a unique data storage system that may or may not fit your business’ needs. Your company’s size and particular usage will better fit some Cloud servers than others. Do your homework; understand what your company is looking for in a Cloud provider.

2) Not prioritizing security

Companies shouldn’t be afraid that Cloud storage is going to be a leaky sieve or that security breaches are a foregone conclusion, but it would be naïve to overlook the possibility that a lack of proper Cloud security may harm your data in either minor or major fashions, down the line.

3) Moving EVERYTHING to the Cloud

Most businesses have sensitive information, some more than others, whether it pertains to employees, clients or contacts. Moving all of such private data may not be compliant with your company’s, the government’s or the Cloud provider’s regulations. Make sure the data you chose to put in the Cloud fits the proper protocols.

Also, migrating everything to the Cloud usually cause companies to accompany their necessary data with the unnecessary. Superfluous data in the Cloud will take up finite storage space, which will end up causing the business additional dollars and cents.

4) Trusting in the wrong IT “experts”

Just as with auto mechanics, there’s no shortage of Cloud providers willing to take your business in exchange for mediocre, uninformed Cloud consultation. Make sure your IT department has done sufficient research and is able to ask Cloud consultants the right questions. Otherwise, your company may find its IT budget bloated and its functionality stunted.

5) Lack of in-house experts

Maybe you have taken note of all of the previous steps; you’ve hired a proven Cloud provider and made sure to heed all of their instructions. Good, but the right Cloud strategy still needs the proper in-house IT expert that is knowledgeable enough about Cloud technology in order to continually implement your company’s latest strategy.

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