A Letter From Our CEO

A Letter From Our CEO

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Things have certainly changed at SPI over the past 25 years…  Prior to our birth, the world’s first personal computers were being debuted from IBM and apple, day planners and pencils were daily tools you never left home without, and computer watches were worn by George Jetson.

At that time, selling memory, hard drives, monitors, and printers was like selling fuel for a truck- always needed more and more.  All these things kept your office more organized and gave you a tremendous competitive advantage over your non-technology savvy competitors.  I specifically recall a client commenting “Bill, what do you mean this thing costs $3,000, and will keep track of my checkbook?”, “are you crazy?”  As crazy as it was, computers were being sold as fast as bread off the grocery store shelf because of the advantage and efficiencies it provided businesses and individuals alike.

The last 25 years for SPI has been a very rewarding time for me and the many employees we have mentored throughout the years.  Like any business success story there are many peaks and valleys but the persistence has paid off.  Technology has been transforming how business gets done to the point of it’s no longer a “great” tool but a “requirement” to survive in business today.

One of the objectives my team has been challenged with is understanding what the critical components are within our client’s business.  The most important asset which is common across all of our clients is the years of data which has been collected and is being used on a minute to minute basis.  With that in mind, we develop and implement technologies which will do everything possible to protect that data and therefore protect our clients business.

Data protection now includes many different risks, including, security risks, loss of data altogether, competitive information leaks, data theft, litigation subpoenas, federal and state compliances, and a host of other potential disasters related to electronic data.  My goal and expectation for SPI is that we provide technology consulting solutions which reduce these potential disastrous situations and allow business owners to rest easily knowing that their biggest asset is in the hands of a professional who is well versed on technology and its inherent risks.

So SPI today…  George Jetson and his computer watch is reality, kids have their very own computer in their classrooms, cloud computing is exploding at the seams, and we are busy as ever keeping up with the rapid business transformation process happening with our clients.

A professor in college once told me to either change before you need to, move to the side and let someone else through, or get run over because the business cycle will never cease.  SPI has always taken the first option as its method to success and I am excited for the next 25 years while we adapt to oncoming technological advances.

Bill Loiacano
President & CEO

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