Unhappy With Your WIFI?

Did you know you can get funding help to make your Wireless awesome?
E-Rate + Your School = Success
When wireless works, it’s awesome. When it doesn’t, it can be a huge pain and disadvantage for a school. Are you unhappy with your current WIFI performance?

Did you know that the federal government funds E-Rate discounts to US schools for technology projects through Universal Service Administrative Company […]

Don’t Drop the Ball on Your Business’ Website

The Internet has billions of visitors on a daily basis.  It is revolutionizing our world and cannot be ignored by today’s businesses.  Users are potential customers, and when searching the web they are deciding if they want to do business with you or not.  Take it or leave it, but appearance means a lot when it comes to your businesses’ website.

Being a technology company, […]

Making the Switch: From On Premises Solutions to Cloud Solutions

Making the decision to switch your business’ applications and processes from on-premises solutions to cloud solutions can be an intimidating task.  But you will be glad you did…

There are many differences between on-premises solutions and cloud solutions.  One of the most apparent differences is how they are accessed.  On-premises solutions are just that, on-premises, the applications are installed directly onto a user or user’s […]

Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud: Choosing the Right Cloud for Your Business

More than 80% of enterprises are now leveraging some form of cloud infrastructure. The transition into cloud computing is becoming more and more unavoidable for businesses of any size. But with so many options how do you know what type of cloud is the best fit for YOUR business? Is a private cloud the best fit? What about a public cloud? Or maybe a […]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet: Spotting Online Scams

Let’s face it; Internet scammers have proven their intelligence and creativity when it comes to their attempts to steal from you and I. They don’t discriminate or care who you are; their only goal is to take your money and run! Unfortunately, they successfully fool millions of people every year, so they aren’t going anywhere. This just means you and I have to use […]

Work Smarter With Remote Access

The winter months are quickly approaching and as Michiganders we know that means unfavorable weather and road conditions. Can you feel your heart start to race even thinking about not having access to important files and data kept at the office? Or what about the thought of working through your weekend because weather kept you in during the week? Remote access can put all […]

Is it Time to Change the Way you Spend?

So, who likes to talk about (and set, keep track of and evaluate) budgets? Yeah, us either. It’s a necessary but stressful part of running a business. When it comes to technology spending, many small businesses either don’t have a budget or don’t break it out from the full operating budget.

Here are some signs that it’s time to look at IT budgets a little […]

Post 5: A New Website Might be a Small Piece to a Large Marketing Strategy

Our enjoyable but bumpy ride of a journey is coming to an end…

With D-day rapidly approaching it was really tough balancing all of our other projects and work while sticking to our deadline of September 30th, 2015. But, like always… you just make it happen! It’s VERY important to stay ahead of your web designers; our biggest motivation was to never have them waiting […]

Post 4: Is It Time To Rebrand?

Rebranding your business can be risky, so it’s important to seriously think about whether you should rebrand in the first place or not. If your target audience is changing with the times, it might be time to change along with them. Not just to maintain their interest, but, more importantly, their business. Or, to simply stay competitive.

When we started the plans for the new […]

2016 Cabling Projects – Starting the Year off Right!

The first 2016 Cabling Project – Bangor Township Schools Wireless Upgrade!

On Monday, we started work on our first large cabling project of 2016! Bangor Township Schools has been using Ruckus Wireless for their district since 2012, and now it’s time for an upgrade! We are running new cable, adding in fiber optics, and installing new access points. Here are the guys hard at work!

Meet […]