5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Technology Partner

Technology in business today is essential for a company’s growth.  Sometimes, technology doesn’t always work the way it should, and becomes a hindrance, this is where the importance of your technology partner comes in.  There is no shortage of technology companies, so finding one is easy, but choosing the RIGHT partner for your business can be challenging.  Your technology partner should be an extension […]

Are You Compliant With HIPPAA?

Keeping your business’ and customers’ data safe is absolutely essential. If you are in the healthcare industry you know there is no exception to the strict standards and regulations. To be HIPAA compliant you must fulfill many components, if these components are not satisfied you run the risk of facing the unbendable penalties that come as a result of any violations. (more…)

Does Cloud Make Sense for Small Businesses?

By now, you probably know all about the cloud and what it can do for businesses with big data. What you may not yet understand, however, is how the cloud can benefit even small businesses that are looking to expand and continue their successes long into the future.

Many people question whether or not migrating to the cloud is the right thing for their business. […]

Securing your Cloud to Prevent Data Breaches

As technological advancements are made it’s increasingly clear that data breaches, or hacking, will never cease being a possibility.

Whether last year’s massive Sony e-mail hack or the more recent exposing of Ashley Madison clients, companies and citizens alike are very aware of how vulnerable businesses are. But, while data breaches are always a possibility, they don’t have to be inevitable.

The following are some ways […]

A Letter From Our CEO


Things have certainly changed at SPI over the past 25 years…  Prior to our birth, the world’s first personal computers were being debuted from IBM and apple, day planners and pencils were daily tools you never left home without, and computer watches were worn by George Jetson.

At that time, selling memory, hard drives, monitors, and printers was like selling fuel for a truck- always […]

What to look for in a Technology Partner

Businesses looking to choose a technology partner have several important factors to consider before taking the plunge. The ways your business chooses to utilize technology can greatly impact the success of your company, which is why finding the right technology partner for your business is essential to your business. SPI Innovations knows the importance of a strong partnership and wants you to consider all aspects […]

The Seven Principles for Effective Influence – by Dale Carnegie

Great business (and personal) advice!

The Seven Principles for Effective Influence

A leader who hears everyone, creates team synergy, and guides teams toward the best outcomes is highly respected

Recently, I read research in Fortune magazine on the skills that will be in highest demand over the next five to 10 years as specified by employers.  The article stated: “Those [in-demand] skills did not include business acumen, […]

The End is Near for Windows Server 2003

If you haven’t heard the news, starting July 14, 2015, Windows Server 2003 support will be non-existent. This could be big news if you’re still running on Windows 2003, but don’t panic just yet. Before you make any system changes, find out what this means for you. SPI Innovations can provide you with the solution you need.

What does this mean for Windows Server 2003 […]

Why Data Backup is Actually Important

Data backup is a touchy subject to bring up to customers because let’s be honest – does anyone ever back up like they’re supposed to, or check to make sure their stuff is really backed up?

According to Forrester Research, almost half – HALF! – of the nation’s small businesses have lost data. Some more stats:

1 out of 3 SMBs don’t back up to the […]

Part 3: Stuck on Creating Content?

Let’s talk content! The behavior of consumers is different from what it once was. They are looking for content that answers their questions instead of advertisements that push a product or service. This means the creation of content also needs to change. Studies show consumers make decisions based on how they identify with a brand and how that brand makes them feel. Consumers expect […]