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Simply put, cloud solutions are hosted services. Rather than installing software applications on a computer, for example, your business can run these applications directly from a hosted server.  This principle also applies to data storage: rather than keeping folders full of important work on your own computers, that data can be stored remotely and backed up “in the cloud.”  Basically, you are able to access your files and folders on any device with internet access, regardless of where you are.


SPI’s Cloud Solutions are elastic (so you can scale your user count up or down as needed), and fully managed by SPI. One of the best features of SPI’s Cloud solution is that our datacenters are located in Michigan, which means your data is always secure and safe  – and never leaves our home state.

Let's talk Benefits

Access data anytime, anywhere

Remote Access – You really can work anywhere, anytime and have access to all your ‘stuff.’

Immediate and long-term cost savings

Antivirus, antimalware, updates, licensing – Yeah, we can deal with all of it.

Your data is secure, safe.

Data Security – We make sure your data is backed up and secure at ALL times.

24/7 Helpdesk

Help Desk – Don’t worry about losing your ‘IT guy’, or getting angry technology calls from employees, just call us!

Email Services

Email services – Yes, email can be easy. We promise!


Predictability – We can help reduce your overall IT spend, and make your expenses more predictable.

"The cloud makes perfect sense if you want your data to be secure, automatically backed up and accessible from anywhere there is internet. With SPI's cloud based solution and managed services plan we enjoy all these benefits with virtually no down time.”

Jason King, Outdoor Adventures

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