Technology Consulting and Planning

Technology is changing every day. Your business changes, too – and sometimes making technology work with and for your business is hard. We can help. Below are some ways we can solve your technology problems, but we also understand that every business is different – so like our page title says, our job is to consult with you and determine what solutions will work best for you.


Virtual CIO

Technology enables a business to run, grow, and fulfill the needs of its customers.  Unfortunately, technology is also in a constant state of change which can be confusing and frustrating.

Having someone on your side full time who understands technology and is looking out for your business can be expensive, which is where a Virtual Chief Information Officer or VCIO can help.  A VCIO is an on demand technology partner who can help a business navigate the technology landscape and ensure your business has the technology it needs and knows about the technology that is coming.


Print Management

The PagePack service is a proven solution that can reduce your print and copy expenses by up to 30 percent.  Not only is print management expensive, keeping up with all the different printers, ink, toner, and maintenance is very time-consuming.

We make that task a bad memory of your past.  With the pagepack solution you only pay for what you use and we will take care of everything else- doesn’t get much simpler than that!


Engineer as a Service

When companies need engineering help on a temporary basis, they typically turn to staffing agencies to fill the gap.  Those agencies then start looking anywhere and everywhere for people with the necessary skill sets to fill the need.  We can solve this problem by a solution we call ‘Engineer as a Service.’ Engineer as a Service is a different offering from our temporary staffing placement of engineers.

We make the investment in training our engineer within your business environment up front so they are ready to assist you when needed.  When a need for support arises, the trained SPI engineer can jump into the project immediately, and no time or money is wasted on training and understanding the network. Projects will be completed more quickly and efficiently.



“Is my information safe?” –The number one question for business leaders.  Having a not only a good answer but the right answer to that question is critical.  There are many aspects to Information Security and businesses often do not have the ability to evaluate which information security practices are right for them.

Security can be expensive and spending more money does not necessarily make a business safer.  We can help with your Information Security questions, assess your needs and help you craft security practices that meet your needs.



Business constantly changes and technology has to change along with it.  Many projects come up during the course of the year which are either long term, short term, or unexpected.

When these technology projects arise business leaders have to decide between hiring full time help or the every once and a while help. We allow you to focus on your business while we take care of your staffing needs.  We have the ability to bring our core skills to increase your efficiency and allow for what needs to be done.

"The cloud makes perfect sense if you want your data to be secure, automatically backed up and accessible from anywhere there is internet. With SPI's cloud based solution and managed services plan we enjoy all these benefits with virtually no down time.”

Jason King, Outdoor Adventures

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