Data Security Lunch ‘n Learn: Here’s What You Missed

Data Security Lunch ‘n Learn: Here’s What You Missed


If you weren’t able to make it to Tuesday’s Lunch ‘n Learn held at the Buick Museum in Flint, no problem! Here’s a recap of what you missed…

The purpose of Tuesday’s Lunch ‘n Learn was to simply educate you on how to protect yourself and your business from hacking and data loss.  The Lunch was kicked off by SPI’s CIO, Gary Richardson.  Gary has 30 years of experience in the industry, he is extremely knowledgeable and knows the ins and outs regarding data security.  The lunch then went into a panel discussion – the panel was comprised of SPI’s CEO and founder, Bill Loiacano, CIO, Gary Richardson, and US Signal’s Field Marketing Manager, Mark Neistat.

Some history– SPI started 25 years ago, but as technology changes so does SPI.  Their vision has always been the same-Helping improve businesses with technology.  Originally, SPI was a hardware seller, transitioned into break fix, and mainly dealt with on-premises solutions.  Today, SPI has transformed into technology consultants- your IT ‘guy’.  They take the stress and worry out of technology, so you can focus on what’s important: your business.

Who is Attacked?

  • 20% (1 of 5) of small businesses are victims of cybercrime.
  • In 2013, 44% of businesses were compromised by a security attack.

Check this out…


*43% of companies with major data loss will have to close their doors for good, 51% will close within two years, and only 6% of businesses will survive!*

Remember when Target was hacked? They reported at least 40 million of their customer’s credit cards were compromised.  Read more.

How do companies lose data and get attacked?  Phishing is the most popular and common method that modern hackers use when attempting to infiltrate a business, primarily through the use of email.  Some key things to ask yourself: Are you expecting an email from the sender or company? If you aren’t, don’t open it! Does the email contain correct spelling and grammar? If it doesn’t, don’t open it!  Is it a mass email or to ‘undisclosed recipients’? If it is, don’t open it!  Take a look at the sender’s email address: if you are unsure or it looks questionable, don’t open it!  Does the email have a zip file attached? If it does, don’t open it!  Always scroll to the bottom of the email and look for the legal jargon, if the email contains the legal jargon it is more likely to be a legitimate email.  Here are some other ways data loss happens:  Drive-by Web Download, USB Key Malware, Network Scanning, and Password Cracking.  Check out the ultimate cheat sheet for spotting online scams and test your knowledge!

Security Planning- What’s your plan?  A lot of data loss comes from internal employees and is often due to lacking proper education.  One quick way to address this is with a yearly checklist, train employees on what they should and shouldn’t be practicing.  Did you know… a major cause of data loss happens because of dumpster divers?  Do not leave a paper trail, shred your information!

If you lose data, what would you do?  Well, the smart thing to do would be to strengthen your defense beforehand, so you don’t have to deal with data loss or hacking.  Partnering with a company to protect your data makes sense; SPI is an expert and will allow you to no longer question if you are secure or not…they just handle it.

How can SPI Help?

  • Policies
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Compliance Monitoring of Workstations
  • Web Filtering
  • Internal and External Security Assessments
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Change Management
  • Email Filtering and Firewalls
  • No clickable ‘internet’ access from the cloud
  • Data kept in 2 replicated datacenters
  • Managed services monitoring for problems, anti-virus and anti-malware

How can I get started?  Have a conversation! SPI is happy to provide your business with a free technology assessment.

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