Does Cloud Make Sense for Small Businesses?

Does Cloud Make Sense for Small Businesses?

By now, you probably know all about the cloud and what it can do for businesses with big data. What you may not yet understand, however, is how the cloud can benefit even small businesses that are looking to expand and continue their successes long into the future.

Many people question whether or not migrating to the cloud is the right thing for their business. Does it make sense for a small business to use the cloud? The truth is, the cloud usually does make sense for your small business.

Here’s why:

Disaster Recovery

Disaster doesn’t discriminate. Companies of all sizes can endure some pretty agonizing disasters that involve losing important files and documents that are crucial to their business. When a company uses the cloud, they can let go of the headaches of complex data recoveries. Using the cloud adds security for small businesses so that you don’t have to stress about losing important information in your system.


No matter who you are or what business you’re in, security is always important. When a small business uses the cloud, it provides an extensive platform for storing data safely and securely. It decreases the chances of hacking susceptibility and safeguards data form the latest cyber-security woes.

Growth Planning

Because the cloud is scalable, it allows smaller businesses to map out their plan for growth without breaking the bank up front. You can gradually increase usage as you see fit for your business. This way, you are only paying incrementally for the services that you need today, and plan for expansion as you grow.

Overall Productivity

For clients who have been using on-premise services for several years, now is a great time for them to decide whether or not to make the switch to cloud computing. For companies who currently use internal services, their employees are spending too much of their time maintaining infrastructure and not enough time focusing on their primary business. The IT field today is becoming more and more complicated with new technologies. Computing with SPI’s cloud enables companies to focus on their core business.

Bill Loiacano, President and CEO of SPI says “Our routing and communication with data centers is more available and affordable than ever for personal and smaller businesses. We don’t need to be afraid of it; we need to understand why now we’re talking about it for smaller sized companies.”

Some of the biggest customer challenges in the industry is that they do not know how to support the infrastructure and they do not understand or utilize current technology that is going to benefit them in the future.

“Our solution is very viable and flexible”, says Bill. “It allows customers to get ahead of their competitors and reduce cost.”

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