In order to teach students you first have to reach them

Technology is constantly changing and so are the needs in the classroom. Technology has become an important tool in the education process and preparing students for the future. We strive to provide the best solutions so students have the best learning experience possible.

We understand it might feel like a balancing act at times for school administrators, budgets shrink but the demand for technology rises. With over 20 years of experience in the education industry, we’ve seen technology evolve and change and become absolutely necessary in today’s classroom.

SPI works with educators to deliver cutting-edge technology, security, and stability while still complying with regulations. With a solution customized to each school’s uniqueness, our one-on-one approach to your design, implementation, and support is unmatched.

The SAFE System

Combine audio, video, and a safety solution to take your classrooms to the next level of student engagement.


In schools today good-no, great- wireless is critical.  Every single device has to connect, and solid wireless is the foundation.

Classroom Assessment Technology

With so many options for assessment systems and teaching tools, it’s hard to make things work together.  Get the right tools, combine it with ongoing support and professional development, and we think it’s an A+.

Professional Development

One of the key ingredients of successful technology is knowledge.  We make sure you and your staff understand how to use the technology we install, and offer ongoing support to make sure you are never on your own.


Decreasing budgets, purchasing restrictions, bond regulations, and lack of education on new technologies can make technology planning a nightmare.  We can help you navigate and find creative ways to accomplish your goals.

"Your biggest concerns going into a project like this are getting the work completed correctly but still on time and on budget. I knew SPI Innovations could do just that.”

Gary Noe – First Merit Bank

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