Every school deserves to be SAFE

Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace Learning.

What is SAFE?

Whether it be an altercation, a serious medical emergency, or the extreme challenge of an armed student or intruder, the SAFE System is the perfect tool to request assistance.  With the discreet press of a button on the teacher’s teardrop microphone, first responders are instantly alerted and can send help immediately.

Timely help for teachers is critical for resolving both small matters and larger, life-threatening crises.  The SAFE System provides the necessary information to first responders and administrators using Audio Enhancement’s patented infrared classroom audio system.  The SAFE System can be the key to a quick resolution and help you handle just about any issue.

Successfully used across the country, schools of all sizes depend on the SAFE System for the safety of their teachers and students, as well as for minimizing liability concerns.  Law enforcement and school security offers rely on SAFE System’s instant notifications.  With Audio Enhancement’s S.A.F.E System, you can rest assured every student is SAFE.


Audio Solution

With Audio Enhancement’s audio solution, improving achievement, attention, and on-task learning time is the focus.

Their robust audio solutions are proven to enhance student and teacher interactions and increase learning outcomes, which in return lower teacher stress and absences.  Sound too good to be true? It’s not…it’s happening in thousands of classrooms around the world.


Safety Solution

Imagine having an extra layer of safety for your school, classrooms, and more importantly—the people in them.

The SAFE (Security Alert For Education) System from Audio Enhancement connects teachers and classrooms to first responders for quick response and communication. This revolutionary system captures classroom proceedings for just-in-time help and safety.


Instructional Solution

In sports athletes analyze footage of previous games to improve performance and now with Audio Enhancement’s VIEWpath (Video Interactive Education Window) technology educators and students can do the same.  The goal is simple- raising teacher quality to new heights.

VIEWpath allows teachers to record, store, and share lessons to make every lesson delivery more effective, discussions more collaborative, and student interaction more engaging.  The result? Student AND teacher success.  Here are just a few of the possibilities with cameras in the classroom:

  • Teacher controlled cameras
  • Anywhere, anytime access to recordings
  • Easily share videos with PLCs, coaches, and students

Let's talk benefits

For Teachers

  • Classroom Audio
  • Pre-Record Lessons
  • Class Presentations
  • Flipped Classrooms
  • Testing & Review Assistance
  • Self-Evaluations
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Professional Development
  • Reducing Cheating
  • Connect with disconnected students without singling them out.

For Administrators

  • Audio Home Access
  • Testing and Review Assistance
  • Student Reviews
  • Improved Student Test Scores
  • Student, Teacher & Classroom Assessments
  • Faster Lockdown Response
  • Emergency Notification
  • Teacher Evaluations
  • Faster Medical Response
  • Keeping challenged kids connected

For Safety

  • Better Student behavior knowing a camera is present
  • Protects students and teachers during fights, bullying, etc…
  • Administrator Notification
  • Faster response for lockdowns
  • Law Enforcement eyes and ears
  • Teacher piece of mind
  • After Hours Security with motion detection

"The cloud makes perfect sense if you want your data to be secure, automatically backed up and accessible from anywhere there is internet. With SPI's cloud based solution and managed services plan we enjoy all these benefits with virtually no down time.”

Jason King, Outdoor Adventures

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SAFE Systems may be available for Title 1 and School Improvement funding.  Contact your SPI representative at or (989) 695-9661 to find out more!

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