YOU provide care for others, WE provide care for your technology.

With over 22 years in the healthcare field you could say we have our PhD in technology!  We know where the industry has been and where it’s headed for the future.  Your business depends on technologies that are effective, efficient, and secure- we provide you with just that!  The assurance that all your IT systems are working to keep your operations running smoothly.

In your industry you are expected to provide not only the best care but the best technologies.  This can be a lot easier said than done… With so much competition and strict budgets it may seem like an unrealistic task but with our help it’s not.  Here’s how we can help.

Project Management

This is a big one.  We can help with refreshes, short term staffing needs, acquisition changes, and can increase project capacity by quickly helping you ramp up, complete the project and ramp back down.

Virtual CIO

Having someone on your side full time who understands technology and is looking out for your business can be expensive which is where a Virtual Chief Information Officer or VCIO can help.

Staffing Needs

We provide personnel to augment your internal IT teams, or to support technology needs where you request these specific services, we make sure that we do this with locally hired, trained and available consultants and technicians.

Print Management

Businesses like yours are exploring new opportunities to significantly reduce costs by centralizing management of all of their printers and multifunction devices.

Infrastructure Needs

We even do cabling. Projects large or small, we don’t subcontract our work and do our own testing and certifications.

Application Management

Email can be easy (we promise!) and we can help manage changes. The Cloud is also on the horizon, we help you evaluate what makes sense for your data future.

"Your biggest concerns going into a project like this are getting the work completed correctly but still on time and on budget. I knew SPI Innovations could do just that.”

Gary Noe – First Merit Bank

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