Making the Switch: From On Premises Solutions to Cloud Solutions

Making the Switch: From On Premises Solutions to Cloud Solutions


Making the decision to switch your business’ applications and processes from on-premises solutions to cloud solutions can be an intimidating task.  But you will be glad you did…

There are many differences between on-premises solutions and cloud solutions.  One of the most apparent differences is how they are accessed.  On-premises solutions are just that, on-premises, the applications are installed directly onto a user or user’s computers.  Cloud solutions, on the other hand are accessed and housed via the internet, and many times hosted by a third party vendor.  Another big difference is the pay structure, cloud solutions is pay as you go or pay as you need.  You are only paying for the users you need vs. paying for technology upfront and only utilizing a portion of that technology.  This structure is generally much more enticing in regards to accounting purposes- pay as you go or need is a ‘utility’ rather than a large capital expenditure.

The advantages of switching from on-premises solutions to cloud solutions can be seen across the board, here’s just a few…

  • Flexibility and scalability of cloud computing allows your business to increase or decrease storage as needed, whereas on-premises solutions you are very limited and many times stuck with old hardware or technology that is no longer supported.
  • Automatic updates is another advantage when it comes to cloud solutions.  Your updates are completed off-premises, so you experience no interruptions or downtime.  Automatic updates allow you to focus on what is most important: Your business.
  • Improving collaboration across your business and team members is the next advantage to cloud solutions.  Employees can access their data from anywhere, at any time.  Tasks such as file sharing and workflows can all be viewed and shared within the cloud, which encourages collaboration between departments.  You are achieving the ultimate goal: Working smarter not harder.

Cloud computing lowers total cost of ownership by 77%!


*”Customers can spend up to four times the cost of their software license per year to own and manage their applications.” –Gartner “The end of Software”

In short, cloud solutions simplify everyday life, and the same goes for your business.  SPI’s cloud solutions are elastic (so you can scale your user count up or down as needed), and fully managed by SPI.  One of the best features of SPI’s Cloud solution is that our data centers are located in Michigan, which means your data is always secure and safe – and never leaves our home state.  Simplicity is good, right?  Well, cloud computing provides businesses with this simplicity in the management of their technology. SPI delivers businesses their entire IT knowledge and an environment that helps you bridge the gap between previous technology and technology of the future.

Ready to learn more? Right now, you can secure your first month of SPI Cloud (backup, email, or full hosted cloud – whatever your needs are!) FREE. Find out more about our cloud solutions here, or click below.

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