Post 5: A New Website Might be a Small Piece to a Large Marketing Strategy

Post 5: A New Website Might be a Small Piece to a Large Marketing Strategy

Our enjoyable but bumpy ride of a journey is coming to an end…

With D-day rapidly approaching it was really tough balancing all of our other projects and work while sticking to our deadline of September 30th, 2015. But, like always… you just make it happen! It’s VERY important to stay ahead of your web designers; our biggest motivation was to never have them waiting on us. It’s tough, but your project will move along so much smoother if you have all of your content created before they need it.


*Remember, the quicker you have your part done, the sooner your designers can get your site up and running.


Debuting a brand new website was a piece to an entirely new marketing strategy for SPI. We saw big changes in our future and there was no stopping us! Your marketing strategy affects a business starting at the top and trickles all the way down to the bottom- plan strategically! Remember, a marketing strategy should not be universally applicable to any business. Any (successful) business has a unique competitive advantage, position, target audience, market, and distribution channel- so, make sure your marketing is also unique.

Here are some benefits when incorporating a well-planned marketing strategy:

  • Creates consumer preference with your brand
  • Increase in sales and profits
  • Your message to customers and peers is more effective
  • Differentiates your brand from competition
  • Provides your business with focus and direction by identifying opportunities worth pursuing.

*A marketing strategy represents your “road map” to achieving greater results, such as sales growth, brand recognition, market access, and etc.

SO…What was the focus for our ‘new’ marketing strategy??
INBOUND MARKETING– Inbound marketing is promoting your business through blogs, e-mail, SEO, keywords, whitepapers, social media, and other forms of content marketing. We will break it down… The inbound marketing strategy brings visitors to your content, rather than going out and finding prospects- this is referred to as outbound marketing. Outbound marketing includes: cold calling, mail, radio, TV, flyers, telemarketing, and etc.


*Inbound marketing is centered on content that has an interesting message and answers questions.

Our new strategy is focused on inbound marketing BUT we are not eliminating outbound all together. Instead, we broke out our roles. Our marketing team is focusing heavily on inbound and creating quality content, while also helping supplement our sales team with leads. Our sales team focus is to continue our outbound marketing strategies. There is a happy medium to achieve and it is important to find out what mix works best for YOUR business!

It has been quite the journey and a ton of work! We are thrilled with our new site and cannot thank Alana and Allan from Cadmium Designs enough for bringing our vision to life! Rolling out our new marketing strategy has been a process and change doesn’t happen over night but we look forward to what is in store for the future of SPI!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us and be sure to look for our future posts!

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