Part 3: Stuck on Creating Content?

Part 3: Stuck on Creating Content?


Let’s talk content! The behavior of consumers is different from what it once was. They are looking for content that answers their questions instead of advertisements that push a product or service. This means the creation of content also needs to change. Studies show consumers make decisions based on how they identify with a brand and how that brand makes them feel. Consumers expect more, so let’s give them more!

*SEO is programmed to ‘crawl’ through websites and rank them according to uniqueness. This uniqueness is based on content.

Our old site had a ton of content, so at first our plan was to just rewrite and update the old content. But then we started digging into it and realized how wordy and techy that content was. We thought about taking the shortcut regarding our content but why? We would only be repeating past mistakes. So this led us to our next approach…

We started by sitting our management and sales teams down- this was not an easy task. Each was given a customer with unique needs and technology problems. Our team members had to communicate their technology pains and decide what technology solutions would make their business run smoother. The point of this was to determine what our customers looked to SPI for. Once we had the different pains established we could then start creating content. Content was written to answer questions and showed how solutions could take away pains instead of pushing a solution.

Here’s a suggestion! Have a working document of the sitemap (this literally was our bible!). This document held all of our headers with individual pages broken out. We listed any features, ideas, and even other sites we liked. The other piece to this document held a rough design of how we wanted pages to look- see below




Check back for our next post in this series!

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