Post 4: Is It Time To Rebrand?

Post 4: Is It Time To Rebrand?

re-branding.jpegRebranding your business can be risky, so it’s important to seriously think about whether you should rebrand in the first place or not. If your target audience is changing with the times, it might be time to change along with them. Not just to maintain their interest, but, more importantly, their business. Or, to simply stay competitive.

When we started the plans for the new website rebranding was never a part of them, but we quickly realized it needed to be. On average, organizations and brands change their look every seven to ten years; SPI’s logo was over ten years old- it was time for some TLC.

*If we were going to start this project we needed to do it the ‘right way’- no shortcuts.


Here are some of our reasons to move forward with rebranding:

  • People had no idea what we did by looking at our logo or hearing our name. We heard over and over, ‘So what do you do?’  If you find yourself taking longer than 10 seconds to explain what you do, it might be time to visit rebranding. You should be able to tell people who you are and what you do in a quick and easy manner. SPI Innovations…. Technology Solutions Company never came to anyone’s mind.
  • Our brand was boring. We aren’t naïve people; we knew our previous brand image was tired and boring. Rebranding can give your business new life. It can help you to maintain old customers, while successfully bringing in new ones.
  • Moving with the times. Modernization is one of the top reasons for undergoing the rebranding process. Trends are always changing and so are consumers. Businesses need to position themselves in a way that they can move seamlessly to accommodate our modern world.
  • Long-term expansion. Rebranding reflects your businesses appearance to the public. This can also show a small business’ dedication to growth long-term. If a business doesn’t develop their brand many times they run the risk of being pushed aside by competitors.

These are just a few of the reasons to address your business’ brand. Our biggest motivation for rebranding was people not knowing what we did when they heard ‘SPI Innovations’. So we decided to add a tagline to our logo- ‘Technology Solutions Built For Your Business’  it’s simple and to the point. We also dropped ‘Innovations’ from our name, employees, customers, and peers already referred to us as ‘SPI’ so this was kind of a no brainer and once again simplified our brand.

Choosing a logo felt like a never ending task- this went on for many months…Our design company probably had it with us! But changing your logo is not a small thing and it affects many aspects of your business-not to mention it can be very costly to make the switch! We looked at all sorts of options for a new logo; there were some with small changes but also some with major changes. We liked a lot of options Cadmium Designs sent to us but at the end of the day decided not to go too crazy with our choice. You still want to keep a level of recognition with the old logo and not appear to be a completely new company (unless you are dealing with reputation issues).

Still not sure if rebranding is right for your business? Check out the ‘8 Crucial Laws of Rebranding’.

Be sure to check back for the FINAL post of our journey!  We will be talking about the debut of the new site and our long term marketing strategies!

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