Securing your Cloud to Prevent Data Breaches

Securing your Cloud to Prevent Data Breaches

As technological advancements are made it’s increasingly clear that data breaches, or hacking, will never cease being a possibility.

Whether last year’s massive Sony e-mail hack or the more recent exposing of Ashley Madison clients, companies and citizens alike are very aware of how vulnerable businesses are. But, while data breaches are always a possibility, they don’t have to be inevitable.

The following are some ways businesses can make sure they are doing what they can do to ensure the most secure cloud storage for their data.

Prevention Systems. First, your IT department should have a protocol in place that regulates cloud intrusions. This doesn’t mean an employee has to be surveying the system around the clock, but there are hacker prevention systems and endpoint security systems that will detect when a breach is attempted and subsequently try to halt the intrusion.

Alerts. Another important step for continual data security is automating checks and controls of firewall configurations, patch management and password settings. Alerts can be sent if there is an irregularity present within these.

Audits. Also, while inter-company checks and automated alert systems are necessary, they should be backed up by perennial information security audits. By having an audit conducted, companies can continually stay ahead of the hacking curve.

Authenticate. Any company’s online transactions or data sharing should be with organizations and individuals that have been authenticated prior to exchanges. Authenticating clients and partners, or making sure they are who they say they are, will go a long way toward blocking a common avenue for hackers.

When attempted security breaches on your cloud are made, it is also important to research them. The point is not to simply stop each attack, one at a time, but to have a more expansive knowledge of how cloud hacking happens in its many shapes and forms. By finding correlations between suspected breaches and known hackings that have happened elsewhere, a company investing in cloud solutions can gain a better understanding of data protection, and therein, a better peace of mind.

If you have recently experienced a data breach, or just want to learn more about cloud hacking prevention, contact SPI Innovations at or (989) 695-9661.

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