Small-Medium Business Solutions

Stand out from the competition. Together we can improve productivity, exceed your goals, and put to rest all of your IT worry.

Technology is always changing and it can be frustrating, confusing, and time consuming.  We think your time is precious and at the end of the day time is money, so quit wasting your time dealing with technology and put the burden on us.

Have you ever thought, there has to be a better way?  There is with us!  We have designed our solutions to cater to your unique problem, need, or question. Whether the solution is simple, complicated, or anywhere in between we’ve got you covered!  Here’s just some of the things we ‘deal’ with so you don’t have to:

Access data anytime, anywhere

Remote Access – You really can work anywhere, anytime – and have access to all your ‘stuff.’

Your data is secure, safe.

Data Security – we’ll make sure it’s backed up and secure ALL the time.

24/7 Helpdesk

Help Desk – Don’t worry about losing your ‘IT guy’, or getting angry technology calls from employees, just call us!

Email Services

Email services – Yes, email can be easy. We promise!


Predictability – We can help reduce your overall IT spend, and make your expenses more predictable.

Basically, you don’t have to deal with technology anymore. Technology can be a great tool to help run and grow your business – and we can make that happen.

Remember this is NOT an all-inclusive list, every company is different, so every solution is different!

Let’s make it simple… We are your “IT guy”

“SPI has assisted our dealership by getting all our systems in line and under control. Beforehand we had pieced our systems together throughout numerous years/companies/machines. Having SPI as backup has allowed us to weed out the weaker systems, and continue running smoothly. Our business is constantly changing and improving, and it’s nice to have a company behind us that can do the same. The main solution we’ve used is cleaning our machines, installing new machines/solutions, and migrating data from one system to another. Overall, SPI has been an invaluable service, because it’s allowed me to focus on my job, rather than IT services.”

Jason King, Outdoor Adventures

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