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Don’t Drop the Ball on Your Business’ Website

The Internet has billions of visitors on a daily basis.  It is revolutionizing our world and cannot be ignored by today’s businesses.  Users are potential customers, and when searching the web they are deciding if they want to do business with you or not.  Take it or leave it, but appearance means a lot when it comes to your businesses’ website.

Being a technology company, […]

Part 3: Stuck on Creating Content?

Let’s talk content! The behavior of consumers is different from what it once was. They are looking for content that answers their questions instead of advertisements that push a product or service. This means the creation of content also needs to change. Studies show consumers make decisions based on how they identify with a brand and how that brand makes them feel. Consumers expect […]

Part 2: Creating Your Sitemap and Choosing A Partner!

In our last post, we discussed all of our reasons why a new website was necessary – but now it’s on to the fun stuff! This post is all about plans for a new site, developing a layout, and picking a website designer- let the setbacks begin!

Before consulting with anyone we did a lot of research… this research was on other sites in our […]