Hear what people are saying about SPI.

Our customers are important to us, and we work hard to make sure they are happy. Here are some of the things they’ve said:

“In a law practice, like other businesses, confidentiality and file management are essential.  The SPI Cloud has provided me peace of mind to know that my files are secure and organized.  The SPI Cloud, unlike public servers, ensures confidentiality at all times and is only accessible by me and authorized users.  I know where the server is located in Michigan and that I have my own storage space with essentially limitless storage capacity available.

The SPI Cloud gives me access wherever I am with whatever device I have.  I can be working on a document on my desktop at the office and meet a client with my laptop and it will open to exactly what is on my desktop.  It gives me full access to all my documents remotely, allowing me to effectively and efficiently work anywhere.

The SPI Cloud is an incredible tool for all businesses.  Any technical support I need is included.  SPI Cloud provides security, confidentiality, limitless storage, support and accessibility.  I highly recommend the SPI Cloud to lawyers and any other business where those things are important.”

Julie A. GafkayGafkay Law, PLC

“The SPI team was easy to work with and flexible in accommodating our needs.  You worked around our schedule, having to change direction with very little notice at times due to order delays and other temporary roadblocks.

In general, it was a great partnership in which a single, effective team was formed from two teams with a common goal.  It truly felt as though SPI was simply an extension of the Flagstar staff, and hopefully there will be opportunities to work together again in the not-too-distant future.”

Patricia A. CapozzoliVP, IT Manager-Telecommunications - Flagstar Bank

“We became overwhelmed with the constant security threats and dealing with onsite equipment. SPI’s Cloud is much safer and more secure than a server in the office could ever be. Also, financially it was a no brainer.

The amount of money we were spending to purchase and maintain our own equipment was foolish. The monthly fee for cloud services through SPI made much more sense, and with the level of security it offered, we were sold. Using SPI’s program allows me and my team to focus on building our practice and spending time with our clients.”

Joe MaierVice President - Maier & Associates

“We chose SPI Innovations because of their total technology solution. They were able to provide us not only with the wireless hardware and software, but also the cabling installation, network testing, and training on the entire system.

Between June and August of 2012 we had Ruckus Wireless installed in 13 schools across 6 districts. Throughout the entire project, SPI Innovations was our single point of contact – they didn’t use any subcontractors.

We have been extremely satisfied with the solution provided by SPI Innovations. SPI Innovations’ Ruckus Wireless solution is the most reliable, resilient, self-organizing wireless system we’ve ever seen. We are now ready for one-to-one deployment and ready for wireless online assessments.”

Technology DirectorMonroe ISD

“We are a small manufacturer and do not have our own IT staff. SPI Innovations provide us with the IT services we need allowing us to focus on our core business. Everyone we have had contact with are down to earth and friendly. They made it their business to become very familiar with our network.

They communicate with us about what they are going to do before they do it. SPI is a professional company with a real commitment to provide excellent technical expertise and incredibly good customer service.”

Endurance Carbide TeamEndurance Carbide

“I needed to be able to focus on what makes our company money, instead of dealing with technology problems and questions. For example, the accounting department was always calling out to the field, requesting different quotes and documents. They never had the most up-to-date information because everyone created documents differently and used different versions of software.

SPI made every stage of our transition seamless. Because of SPI, computer issues no longer make it to my desk. They made sure everyone was properly trained and continue to support any issues or questions. I can’t recommend SPI for just one reason, it is multiple. SPI is a local company, and understood the importance of storing our data locally in Michigan.

They are affordable, they met our needs without breaking the bank, and they do a great job of responding when you need them. I would recommend them to anyone, whether it’s their Cloud solution or as a contractor. They have been a great partner for us and all of us at R.C. Hendrick & Sons look forward to our partnership with them in the future.”

Trace HendrickMarketing and IT Director - R.C. Hendrick & Sons

“SPI has assisted our dealership by getting all of our systems in line and under control. Before SPI, we pieced our systems together throughout numerous years, companies and machines. Having SPI as backup has allowed us to weed out the weaker systems, while continuing to run without interruptions.

Our business is constantly changing and improving, and it’s nice to have a company behind us that can do the same. The main solutions we use is the SPI Cloud and Managed Services. Overall, SPI has been an invaluable partner because they have allowed me to focus on my job, rather than IT services.”

Blake WeirauchController - Schaefer & Bierlein

“Since partnering with SPI and their Managed Services program, we have been provided with unmatched customer service in all areas of computer needs from resolving technical issues to hardware purchases and installation.

Having access to their team of professionals is like having our own IT department. They are prompt and attentive to all of our needs. Our computers are kept up and running so that we can focus on serving the families that call upon us rather than solving computer issues. Best of all, we enjoy these services at a very affordable price.”

Rick SteeleVice President - Penzien-Steele Funeral Home, Inc.

“SPI’s managed services program, along with their staff, have helped stabilize our network as well as allowed us to plan for future technologies. It’s a cost-effective solution with a local company that we trust, and they are always available and willing to listen to our questions or concerns.

For our business, the cost/benefit ratio of managed services is really a no-brainer: you get the best bang for your buck with SPI.”

Bill BartlettStraits Corporation

“The cloud makes perfect sense if you want your data to be secure, automatically backed up and accessible from anywhere there is internet.  With SPI’s cloud based solution and managed services plan we enjoy all these benefits with virtually no down time.”

Jason KingOutdoor Adventures