Why Data Backup is Actually Important

Why Data Backup is Actually Important

Data backup is a touchy subject to bring up to customers because let’s be honest – does anyone ever back up like they’re supposed to, or check to make sure their stuff is really backed up?

According to Forrester Research, almost half – HALF! – of the nation’s small businesses have lost data. Some more stats:

  • 1 out of 3 SMBs don’t back up to the cloud
  • 2 out of 3 don’t test their backups yearly
  • 1 out of 3 have a secure, tested disaster recovery plan
  • On average, small businesses lose between $7 and $74 for each hour of downtime

Those statistics aren’t meant to scare anyone, but let’s be real – data loss can be devastating to a business. The threat of data loss is a scary thing.   Think of the worst case scenarios, such as your entire building suddenly disappearing. Could your business survive? How much downtime would you face? How much revenue could you possibly miss out on?


Data backup and security isn’t fun to talk about, but having an offsite backup program that works is critical to businesses today.

With SPI’s Cloud Backup, don’t worry about tapes, external hard drives, or other old backup systems – we can make sure your backups run regularly, and the data is completely secure in two offsite locations.

About our Data Centers…

  • SPI’s Cloud is housed in 2 fully duplicated datacenters in Michigan
  • Both datacenters are HIPPA Certified, and SAS70/SSAE16 Certified
  • Both are manned 24/7 by datacenter personnel, are on separate power grids and are 200 miles apart
  • Since our datacenters are in Michigan, customer data never leaves the state.

Ready to learn more? Right now, you can secure your first month of SPI Cloud (backup, email, or full hosted cloud – whatever your needs are!) FREE. Find out more about our cloud solutions here, or click below.

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