Wishing for Better Email Services?

Wishing for Better Email Services?

The dreaded words… you have mail. Email used to be so much fun to receive, but these days, email services for your business can be a daunting, painful task.


Between spam, security issues, downtime, no support, domain names, archiving, adding users… all of it can make you eager for a better solution.

Speaking of solutions, everyone has heard about Microsoft 365 by now. It’s advertised everywhere from TV to the websites you visit, and it can look very attractive at first glance.  Many different companies are offering cloud solutions, cloud email services, and backup. There are a few things, however, to be careful of when choosing a large provider such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc. for your business services:

  • Ease of Implementation.Migrating data and getting the new system running and functional can be hard and time-consuming. A lot of times large companies leave all the migrating and training up to you.
  • Support. This is a big one.  Raise your hand if you like using forums and self-help tabs as your only form of business support when something is wrong…. no one? Yeah, us either.
  • Security.  Where are the email servers being kept? In the United States? In Michigan? With all the recent data hacks and data loss, it’s really important to know where your business data is.
  • Future Growth. How easy is it to add users if your business grows? What about delete a user, or change a username if employees change?

What if we told you that there IS a solution? That for $10 a month per user, all your email issues go away, you get a full version of Microsoft Outlook Exchange, AND you get support from SPI – which means you get a live, local person to call with questions.

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