Work Smarter With Remote Access

Work Smarter With Remote Access

The winter months are quickly approaching and as Michiganders we know that means unfavorable weather and road conditions. Can you feel your heart start to race even thinking about not having access to important files and data kept at the office? Or what about the thought of working through your weekend because weather kept you in during the week? Remote access can put all these headaches to rest.

In today’s society isn’t the goal to work smarter not harder? Through remote access you’re achieving this goal exactly! You can access all of your data, documents, emails, and information saved so you can get the job done from the comfort of your home or on the go. Your only concerns will be having internet connection and what device you want to use that day (laptop, iPhone, Android, tablet, and etc.).

Benefits can be seen across the board for both employees and employers. Whether you are out of town traveling or stuck at home, everything you need is right at your fingertips, so you never miss a beat. Accessibility from anywhere at any time saves your business time, energy, and money…not to mention keeps you competitive.

Employees who can be flexible but also productive no matter their location are extremely valuable for employers these days. But on the same note employees are looking to employers to provide flexible work environments that allow them the option of working remotely. Both parties have the same goal as said before- working smarter, not harder.

Remote working is just one benefit of using SPI’s cloud solution. It can improve collaborative working and a better staff morale. It’s no secret that a happy employee is willing to work harder if they love their job. One study found employees who had the option to work remotely experienced increases in their quality of life. One of the main reasons being their time spent commuting was reduced.

SPI’s remote access is included in their cloud solution and can help the overall strength of your business. See an increase in productivity, decrease in costs, and happier employees, it’s no wonder working remotely is where our businesses are headed!

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